2010 Olypmic Winter Games: Podium of Hotness

by Spencer Loomis

With the 2010 Winter Olympics underway, it’s time to award a few Courtside Post medals of our own. So which country sent the hottest female athletes to Vancouver?

Bronze Medal: Austria

Claudia Toth, curling

The land down under sent the most surprisingly attractive group of athletes to these games. They may not send as many representatives to the winter games as they do for the summer games, but they certainly make up for it in quality of the athletes they do send.

Claudia Toth, for example, is the hottest thing to happen to curling since, well, has anything hot ever happened in curling? Pair her with freestyle skier Lydia Lassila and it would be a shame to keep these Sheilas off of the podium of hotness.

1500 meter speedskating Olympic record holder Anni Friesinger

Silver Medal: Germany

The Germans enter these games with possibly the hottest group of women to ever step foot on ice. Speedskater Anni Friesinger is a two time gold medalist who looks to add to her honors these games while providing a beautiful performance for us as well. Pair skater Aliona Savchenko will give guys the thought that they might actually want to be the other guy skating next to her. Meanwhile Tanja Szewczenko who moonlights as a German soap opera starlet will display her talents in figure skating.

Maria Riesch

Off of the ice the Germans are stacked as well. Alpine skier Maria Riesch will be flying through gates as well as men’s dreams across Germany while biathlete Andrea Henkel reminds us that there is something sexy about a woman with a gun.

2006 slalom gold medalist Julia Mancuso

Gold Medal: USA

God Bless America. This year’s American Winter Olympians go above and beyond the level of hotness ever achieved by a group of women performing in such cold temperatures. Skiiers Lindsey Vonn, Kristi Leskinen, and Julia Mancuso make up the core of the stunning group of women who will be strapping on their skis to represent the US.

Kristi Leskinen makes Lindsey Vonn look plain.

On the rink, ice dancer Tanith Belbin as well as figure skaters Sasha Cohen, Alissa Czisny, and Ashley Wagner will make appeasing girlfriends everywhere by actually watching these events much more bearable. US Hockey is hot too with forward Julia Chu and the team’s youngest member, Hilary Knight looking as good as a girl can behind a face mask. Skeleton is both extremely dangerous and extremely attractive this year with Noelle Pikus-Pace and Katie Uhlaender flying down the track for the Americans.

Noelle Pikus-Pace, skeleton

Gretchen Bleiler will be flying high on her snowboard in the halfpipe and drawing even more attention when she takes her helmet off at the bottom.

Gretchen Bleiler, snowboard halfpipe

Regardless of the final medal count of these Winter Games, Americans can be proud of the extreme level of hotness our winter athletes have achieved.

A recent graduate of the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business, Spencer is currently serving as Managing Editor of the Courtside Post.

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